Iulian Cătălin Gogan

Iulian Cătălin Gogan, member of the Romanian Bar Association, has an experience of over 16 years. Between 1999 and 2001 he was an adviser of the State Secretary in the Ministry of Labour. He is specialized in commercial law, insurance law, tax law, banking law and cyber security law. He has represented clients in New York - USA, Zurich – Switzerland, Milano - Italy, European Court of Human Rights.

Iulian Gogan

Bogdan Scutaru

Bogdan Scutaru is a member of the Romanian Bar Association, graduate of Faculty of Law of the ”Nicolae Titulescu” University and holds a Master degree in Business Law from the same university. He is specialized in counseling and litigation, in areas such as tax law, commercial law, civil law and insurance law.

Bogdan Scutaru

Ramona Lascu

Ramona Lascu is a member of the Romanian Bar Association and graduate of the Faculty of Law from the University of Bucharest. She also holds a degree from the Faculty of Commerce and a Master in Business Administration, both from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. She is specializes in civil law, commercial law, debt recovery and intellectual property.

Bogdan Scutaru

Practice Areas

Commercial and civil law

Legal advice in negotiating and drafting contracts, legal assistance and legal representation in front of the courts, of the authorities and public institutions.

Financial and Tax Law

Challenging the decisions issued by the tax administrative authorities and providing legal advice during tax audit.


Providing legal assistance and representation in legal actions regarding unfair contract terms stipulated in loan agreements.

Insurance law

Providing legal advice, assistance and legal representation before courts and other judicial authorities or any other natural or legal persons.

Intellectual property law

Representation before the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks, legal assistance and representation in proceedings concerning infringements of copyright and those related.

Cyber security law

Providing legal advice, assistance and legal representation to prevent and to recover damages in criminal proceedings that concern offenses against the security and integrity of information systems and data. For this kind of problems we work with the best team of specialists, Cyber Smart Defence.

Criminal law

Providing legal advice, assistance and legal representation during investigation, prosecution, trial regarding tax evasion offenses and money laundering.

To satisfy every need of our customers, the Law Office cooperates with notaries, bailiffs, tax consultants and accountants accredited and licensed by the Ministry of Justice,
translators, IT experts and other professionals in complementary areas.


Iulian Gogan - Promotor al serviciilor juridice în spaţiul cibernetic!

Oamenii pierd bani, pierd identităţi, pierd reputaţie. Se trezesc prinși în vâltoarea unor situaţii pe care, de cele mai multe ori, nu le înţeleg ori nu le percep corespunzător. Devin victime. Sunt disperaţi. Se simt vulnerabili. Nu știu cum să procedeze și cui să se adreseze. Nu au soluţii. Își vor vieţile înapoi. Iar aici intervenim noi!

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Iulian Gogan